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Questions and Answers

  1. Q: How much time do I have to accept my winnings?
    A: According to our Terms of Service, you have 12 hours after the game ended to accept your winnings.
  2. Q: I didn't receive my winnings
    A: If you did not receive your offer after 30 minutes, you should:
    1. Verify the Trade URL in your settings. Check if it's still right. If not, edit it and wait 30 minutes for the new offer to be sent.
    2. Verify you have enough space in your inventory. There's a limit of approximately 1,000 items, be sure to have room for your winnings. If you just made space, wait 30 minutes for the new offer to be sent.
    3. Email to us according to example.
  3. Q: Should I trade my winnings back?
    A: NO! If someone is asking you to trade your winnings back, he's trying to scam you.
    1. Never trade your winnings back, for any reason, to someone claiming to be a part of our staff.
    2. They might tell you they need to register the items, it's false. They might tell you you will be banned, it's false.
    3. Our bots will never add you. Our staff will not add you, unless they clearly state, in a ticket, that they will.
  4. Q: Some items are missing
    A: As stated in our Terms of Service, we take approximately 8% of each round in skins (it can be slightly less) as a fee.
  5. Q: When will I receive my winnings?
    A: Winnings are sent automatically.
    The trade offer take up to 30 minutes to be sent under normal circumstances.
  6. Q: Where will I receive my winnings?
    A: Your winnings will be sent to the Trade URL you provided in your settings.
  7. Q: What is your mail and example?
    A: csgomars.com@gmail.com
    1. Game number
    2. Your nickname
    3. Your tradeoffer link
    4. Short info about your problem
    5. Screen of game
    6. Screen of tradeoffers in steam
  • We will look your problem as fast as we can! Good luck!
  • Note: If you spam in chat scam or etc before the support process your request - you WONT get your items back.